Thursday, November 19, 2009

o.k. here goes... *

Well this is me a few years ago. I still love a good scottie dog appliqué but things are a little different now. I live in a yellow house in Oklahoma with two mutts andd my husband D. I've recently graduated from college with a degree in studio art. I think it's time for my very own blog, so here it is.

This is where I work. I enjoy cutting, glueing, printing, painting, welding, and making in general; also I like looking at stuff. I'm writing this blog as a way to organize my thoughts and influences and share my creative process. On "Hide the Good Scissors" I'll be sharing things that I like, things that I'm working on, and amusing details from my life. Feel free to share your opinions. I hope you like it here*

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  1. that is probably my FAVORITE picture of you! I'm so glad you're starting this and I can't wait to hear more from you!