Thursday, August 19, 2010

alive and kicking *

Well hello friends, just thought I'd take a sec to let you all know that I am indeed alive, well, and maintaining my residence here on planet earth. Talk about an unintended blog break. I've got no one good excuse, just a lot of little crappy ones that I promise not to bore you with.
To be honest, I seem be emerging from a brief phase of slackerdom. Maybe we'll call it a sabbatical (yeah, that sounds academic and grand), a sabbatical doing research on junk requisition, patio happy hours, and media exposure, specifically the never ending time-suck that is Lost on Netflix.

Oh and guess what? We're moving. The real reason for that little get away to Kansas City a few weeks ago was that D had a job interview. My vague and decidedly lame post on our trip was of course to avoid a dreaded jinx. Anyway, he got the job and we're and super excited. I, on the other hand, have no job or prospects for that matter. So, if you or anyone you know in the Kansas City area are in need of a contract house plant murderer or a professional
de-organizer, hit me up.

I'm also getting ready for my second Dustbowl and I'll have more to show you soon. These hoops were a recent commission, that hopefully made a nice birthday gift.


  1. Love the hoops! Congrats on D's job. I hope you're able to find one :)

  2. Love the post and the hoops! I want some.