Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cheap thrills *

I've been experiencing a lot of jewelry lust and envy lately (that's two deadly sins you know). Instead of squandering my very limited coin, I've been gathering up things I already have around the house and working on these little pretties. The middle one is my favorite. It's made from washers sewn onto grosgrain ribbon with embroidery thread- so easy to make. I like it as a short or long necklace, a belt, or even as a headband. The key was a little gift from my friends Reese and Margaret. Most of the beads are from Reese's great shop, The Wild Hare Beadery.


  1. Love the necklaces. Maybe you should try a male-oriented line? I'd buy 'em!

  2. Did I mention how much I love your washers and ribbon necklace? So pretty!