Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a sick day well spent *

Nothing makes you feel more gentile than sitting propped up in bed doing embroidery and nothing makes you feel less so than using toilet paper as Kleenex. Maybe it's the fact that I spent most of my sick day finishing up these ^, writing letters and listening to an audio book of "Pride and Prejudice" but I can't for the life of me stop thinking in a victorian accent.


  1. I love the birds! Would they happen to be Christmas presents? P.S.That white vase and its friends need to find their way home. Pronto!

  2. not sure why everyone thinks these are birds, but D said the same thing. Not presents, I'm sorry, I'm tring to get stuff together for an Etsy page.

    P.S. that vase is a tiny impostor, not the real thing.

  3. well, first of all, i am loving your blog and can't stop looking at it. incredible.

    also, i am commenting on this particular post because i laughed when i read the part about pride and prejudice because i just ordered the audio book so that i could listen to it while i am working from home or just relaxing and writing.

    you're wonderful. miss you. keep up the good blog work. :)