Tuesday, December 8, 2009

story time/art show *

Recently, New York based artist, Dennis McNett of Howling Print Studios did an awesome collaborative project with the printmaking department. My old professor Curtis Jones shared with me a funny story told to him by McNett.

McNett's niece and nephew often request that he draw tattoos on them. On one such occasion, McNett told them to think of two four letter words for him to write on their knuckles. Knuckle tattoos are of course traditionally reserved for four letter words with well, a certain tough guy quality, words you might want someone to read just before your punch landed on their face. Think, "THUG. LIFE." or "HELL. BENT." Anyway, McNett said his 6 year old niece thought for second, then in a moment of illumination stated matter-of-factly, "BABY. DOGS."

ahhh, if only little girls ruled the world, right?
so, in honor of Dennis McNett's presumably adorable six year old niece, the printmakers will install an exhibition entitled "Baby Dogs" in the Lightwell over X-mas break. The show will be up from Dec. 14 through Jan. 8, stop by for a look. Here is the front of a postcard I designed for the show, with a photo taken by Curtis Jones.

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  1. I love this! Well told story. And I like that the idea will become an exhibition