Monday, January 25, 2010

eccentric interest: the baker hotel *

A few months ago, on a road trip, I was confronted by an enormous abandoned structure, towering over the low profile skyline of the tiny town of Mineral Wells, Texas. I later learned that this infamous building is or rather was the Baker Hotel, and have since developed an odd interest in the place.
This hotel, built by Texas hotel magnate Theodore Baker, opened in 1929 as a health spa destination, because of the supposed medicinal benefits of the town's mineral water. It experienced a lot of financial strain, closings, and periods of renaissance throughout its history, but in 1972 closed it's doors for good. Since then it's accommodated vandals, photographers, and ghost hunters.
I know this is kind of a strange post for me, but I'm totally enchanted by this place and the legends that surround it. Maybe someday I'll explore those halls, but for now, I'll just enjoy these great Flickr pics from *brynne (left) and Noel Kerns (right), and these delightful mid-century designs from the Baker's official website. Oh, I almost forgot, it's for sale.


  1. What a neat little history lesson you have provided us with! I would love to visit the hotel, mainly for ghost hunting :)

  2. of course you know I was reminded of this, because of Walter's band. great name btw, hope they never experience the same fallout : )

  3. there is an old abandoned mansion in ada that a colleague was thinking about buying last year. it has a huge ballroom dance floor on the third level. i want to go there!