Wednesday, April 21, 2010

animal encounters *

Recently, D and I have had a couple of close animal encounters. Last week, I stuck my hand in the middle of a dog fight, (something I'm pretty sure I'll never do again) and ended up with a small bite. And D, well... let's just say he made friends with the wrong critter.

Yesterday, while working in my studio, I looked out the window to see D feeding a squirrel some cashews. At that very moment, one part of my brain said, "bang on the window and end this nonsense!" while another part said, "aww cute, get your camera." As you've probably guessed, I chose the latter, and watched as D's face turned from delight to horror when his little buddy turned on him.

Now, these were poor decisions, ok- stupid decisions, but I know we're not alone in our zest for animal interaction and companionship. Just this weekend I listened to a really interesting (and oddly relevent) episode of Radio Lab called Animal Minds. It really got me thinking about the complex relationships humans forge with domestic and wild animals. I recommend taking a listen; and while I'm making recommendations, I recommend keeping your hand out of animal mouths.

above: dapper squirrels by Berkley Illustration
below: my furry family- Dingus and Maeby (the master of disaster)

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  1. Aw shucks, why can't Cookie and Dingus be friends? I asked her to apologize but she's too busy ripping the non-existent life out of a dog toy and racing around like a rabid dog in my living room... no worries, though, I swear she doesn't have rabies. It's really a shame that they can't get along :(