Monday, April 12, 2010

a spring in my step *

Spring always makes me feel like some weird hybrid of Carrie Bradshaw and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I get the urge to romp around in a sunny field and live off the land, but I want to be wearing a new outfit while I'm doing it.

Sadly, I've been wasting most of this gorgeous weather held up at work, or when I'm at home, held up in my studio. Don't worry though, I've been getting some occasional sun exposure, eating lots of ice cream, and doing lots of sneezing - in an attempt to get into the spring spirit.
There is one outdoor activity that I'm particularly resolved to take part in, and that is the up-keep of our small veggie garden. D is definitely the plant man of the house, and I'm ashamed to say that my assistance with our past gardening endeavors has been limited to picking and eating. This year I've decided to get my hands dirty, and I'm determined to do more good than harm. This may, however, prove to be a lofty goal for a cactus killer like me.

I've been making these springy tees, and accessories to sell at the Dustbowl. So, if you need a little spruce-up in your wintery wardrobe, you know where to find me on April 25.
What projects are you undertaking this spring?


  1. Oh gosh, my Spring to-do list is mighty long!!! Apart from trying to launch my shop, hubby has been working in the garden, preparing the veggie patch with the kids and then starting to work on our house. We moved a year ago and are renovating the place on our own...still, happy it's spring and inspired to keep busy and creative:)

  2. Urgh!! Beautiful shirts, Jordy! What sizes will you have available at Dustbowl?

  3. Thanks Margie! I'll have S, M & L - I think 9 total and they are all different.

  4. But what about us Texans? How can we order these fabulous shirts? Your mom was right...she knew I'd love these!

  5. Hi there Stacy, soon very soon...