Monday, April 19, 2010

handmade housewares*

My husband has been lathing away, making these beautiful wine stoppers for those of us who might have a little trouble stopping wine from being poured (you know who you are).
I've been working on these bright little bedside companions. The shade on the left is made from printed Washi paper, and the shade on the right is a vintage topographical map. Last but not least, these printed tea towels and napkins are perfect for cleaning you up right.
As you can probably guess, these housewares will be available for purchase at the Dustbowl Arts Market on April 25 (that's this Sunday, people), and... soon, on my long time coming etsy page!


  1. So great! How much are your wine stoppers, Dane/Jordy? They're beautiful. Looking forward to Sunday.

    By the by, I check this blog everyday.

  2. the stoppers with steel are $12 and the ones with corks are $10. I love them, he's really into the lathe lately.
    Me too, we're going to have so much fun!
    Thanks for the love, Margie. what a dear friend I have.

  3. Damn it's good to be talented! Lovely work. I need a wine stopper too.