Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas on paper

The time had come for our first Christmas tree and in this new city, with few familiar faces, it's a sweet and welcome sight. Last Christmas, my mom and I went through our family's ornament collection and I got to pick out some of my favorites. With the addition of a few homemade ones, we have a surprisingly full tree. I first created these book page ornaments for my friend Kelly's winter wedding shower last year. They are so easy to make, here is a quick tutorial.

You'll need...

-old book pages or whatever paper you'd like to use
-something to cut your strips; scissors, a paper cutter, an exacto knife or maybe your office paper shredder.

Cut 25 strips of paper per ornament. You can make them big or small depending on the length of your paper, but you'll want more than 25 strips if you go longer than about 10 inches. I made my strips for this demo around 7 inches long. After your pieces are cut, stack them and punch a hole at each end of the bundle. Then, loosely insert brads at both ends and swing the strips around to create a sphere. Lastly, tie a string around one of the brads for hanging.


  1. these are so cool! i actually think i could make them!

  2. I love these! Your tree looks amazing as well!

  3. Why don't you post a pic of those ornaments on the original shower decoration. Was it one of last years blog posts?

  4. Love them! And your tree is so sweet. How festive and cozy!