Monday, November 8, 2010

new city necessities : farmers market

There is no better excuse to tour your own city than having an out of town guest. This weekend, my sweet friend, Katheryne, came to visit and it gave us a reason to explore a couple of new places. Saturday morning, we made our way to the City Market in downtown KC. I was amazed at the selection and immediately recognized the limits of my produce knowledge. There were so many fruits, vegetables, and spices I'd never even seen, much less cooked or consumed. With this great resource I hope to become a more adventurous eater. Does anyone have a recipe or resource that might assist me in my new pursuit?


  1. This weekend was lovely wasn't it? Thank you very much for having me!

    I don't have a recipe for those mysterious greens, but here are a few of my favorite food blogs:,, and Bon appetit!

  2. This entry turned me on to COOKIE+kate.